Working with 401(k) Plans

Our approach to 401(k) plans works hand-in-hand with employers to help them support employees by providing financial education on their benefits and to be a resource to assist them in building a more solid financial future. 

We encourage each participant to meet individually with us to help them tailor a comprehensive financial strategy designed to meet their specific needs*.  We take the time to meet with clients, find out about their individual goals and challenges, and then work with them to help create a plan designed to help them achieve greater financial stability.  We give them tools to use in planning for their financial future.  Additionally, they are given our direct phone numbers.  When participants call our office, they are going to receive personal attention from one of our team members.  This allows us to deepen our relationship with each individual to help ensure they are making financial decisions designed to further their goals. 

Our service is based on education. 

  • We strive to ensure that every participant understands what they are working for, and that they develop knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the retirement plan. 
  • We educate to increase understanding of basic investing concepts such as diversification, asset allocation and rebalancing.**
  • We assist participants nearing retirement with evaluating their preparedness for retirement. We also help identify steps they can take that may help close the income replacement gap.


*The services referenced are available through a separate agreement with each individual client and are not provided through the relationship with the 401(k) plan. 


**No investment strategy, such as asset allocation or diversification, can guarantee a profit or protect against losses in periods of declining values.